Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Counting our blessings: Great Clients

When Roni and I started Zenith Cleaners, we were new in Montreal and a number of the people we call friends in Montreal today, we met as clients of Zenith Cleaners.

We are blessed to have clients who believed in us when we were unsure of ourselves. Clients who believed in us enough to demand excellence from us when we could have followed the beaten path of shoddiness.

We are blessed to have clients who care so much about us as to tell us when we make mistakes and do it respectfully.

We are blessed to have clients who do not leave us or beat us on the head for our imperfections.

We are blessed to have clients who, realizing that we are imperfect, still spread the word about Zenith Cleaners, saving us from the need to advertise.

We are blessed to have clients who realize that we need to be paid on time and ensure we get paid on time.

We are blessed to have clients who write "Thank you" with every single payment. As a service provider, that is more gratifying than any amount of money.

Thanks to the blessing of great clients, we have grown consistently since inception. There has not been a single year worse than the previous year, with or without recession.

We are blessed to have clients who open up not only their homes, buildings, offices, schools, churches, organizations but also their hearts to us. Clients that invite you over to their homes, that invite you for tea or coffee, that send you get well wishes and even visit you when you are sick, that shower you with baby gifts when you have a baby, that give our staff huge tips even though we do not (even subtly) solicit for tips are no longer mere clients, they are people with hearts and they should be appreciated, not just at Christmas but all through the year.

Thank you from our hearts, for supporting and loving these group of cleaners called Zenith Cleaners. Thank you for helping us to make 2010 the best year we have had.

Have a beautiful Christmas and a prosperous 2011.

Counting our blessings: Great Staff

2010 has been a great year at Zenith Cleaners. We consider ourselves blessed to have the best staff in our industry.

Our staff are far from perfect but every year has been an improvement on the previous, because we have been blessed with great people, some of whom are no longer with us. We have and have had people who enjoy doing the work that they do, not minding the lowliness of it. Most employees do not enjoy going to work, even those who do much more "noble" work but we are cleaners and our people enjoy coming to work! We consider that a blessing.

In our industry, dishonesty and theft are common but we have not had a case of theft since inception and we have been blessed with staff who are trustworthy, who are true custodians of clients' information and physical assets.

It is rare to have staff who go out of their way to cook meals, send flowers, write 5-page get-well letters when their "boss" is ill. We are blessed to have staff who do.

Our staff go beyond the call of duty. They do everything they can to ensure clients are satisfied and to correct mistakes when they happen.

We are cleaners and we are "supposed" to be at the "bottom of the pyramid" but we are blessed with staff who volunteer to clean for non profit organizations, with no less commitment to excellence than if they were paid for it.

It is a blessing to have staff who clients love to see and have around. It is a blessing to have staff who clients notice are happy to work, even while cleaning up dirt.

We are blessed with staff who spread the word about Zenith Cleaners. Almost every one of our staff today learnt about Zenith Cleaners from a current or former staff.

We are blessed with staff who show up for work! As simple as that may sound, it is not that easy when you have to clean dirty floors and bathrooms in a public space on a snowy Sunday morning, when you would rather be in bed. Our staff show up!

Thanks to the staff we are blessed with, Zenith continues to go from strength to strength in a virtuous and unending upward spiral. We could not possibly compensate them for who they are. When they have to leave us, we are not sad to see them go but we are glad for who they have been with us and happy to see them flourish elsewhere.

Merry Christmas.